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Come From Away - A New Musical - Now On Broadway?

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Come From Away is appreciated as an inspiring new musical, which celebrates the compassion of people even in horrible circumstances. Created by Canadian spouses David Hein and Irene Snakoff, the musical is set in a distant town in Newfoundland, called Gander, that found itself hosting passengers of over 38 planes, which were forced to land on 9/11. After thorough researches and based on real interviews with the passengers and residents, the show depicts the way a small community opened its homes and hearts to unexpected guests.

The debut of Come Frow Away musical was in 2015, at La Jolla Playhouse in San Diego. Afterwards, the performance moved to the Rep Theatre in Seattle, where it broke all the box office records and became extended because of the popularity demand. The iteration had two try-outs in Toronto and Washington primarily to its occurrence in Broadway. Christopher Ashley, who is known to be a Tony-winning director, helms the production.

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Come From Away Broadway: What Is It About?

The event depicted happened on September 11, 2001. When the horror of terror attacks became obvious, the US government ordered to close its airspace, grounding a few hundred of passenger jets. 38 of them had to land in a distant Newfoundland town, Gander, the population of which reached only 9,000 people.

The main focus of Come From Away is put on the set of passengers from one plane, as well as Gander inhabitants, who welcomed strangers in their houses. The first female pilot of American Airlines, Egyptian chef and a gay couple with the same names appeared to be among the diversity of characters, whose primary apprehension about the reception proved unfounded. Combining all these storylines, the performance created an exclusive portrait of human connections even in the most difficult circumstances. Come From Away in Toronto & New York City - Order Broadway Tickets Now. We have Exact Seat Locations - Premium Seating Available - E-Tickets.

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